Sealing Rings for GRP/FRP

GRP (glass strengthened plastic) pipe or FRP (fiberglass fortified plastic) pipe, offers a scope of preferences over the channels - made of customary materials at present utilized, and, when appropriately planned and introduced, can give the framework the exhibition required at insignificant expenses. GRP/FRP channels have an innate favorable position of high consumption protection from seawater, cold water for power plants, chlorine/corrosive, and salt water arrangements. They can work ceaselessly at higher temperatures and - establishment should be possible over the ground, at a sub-ocean level just as underground for spread profundities of 8m.

GRP/FRP PIPES are presently being acknowledged all over in Chemical, Petroleum, Gas, Water Transportation, Sea Water, Sewerage, and so on. These channels are contending with customary material like Ductile Iron, Epoxy Coated MS, PVC, HDPE in light of its significant favorable position of being non-destructive in nature and long existence with legitimate choice of gum. GRP/FRP channels loads just 25% as much as comparative steel pipe and 10% as much as comparable solid item. GRP/FRP channels are light weighted, henceforth simpler taking care of, quicker establishment, and low transportation costs. The utilization of overwhelming hardware is basically dispensed with.

GRP/FRP channels are anything but difficult to introduce because of its lightweight. These can be made up to 12m long to accelerate establishment and dispenses with up to 75% of the joints contrasted with some other materials, consequently dealing with and establishment is simpler than some other item. GRP/FRP funnels are lightweight, and all things considered outcomes in a more affordable establishment, work and hardware uses.GRP/FRP Piping System is impervious to consumption both inside and outside. These funnels have been utilized for dealing with weaken acids, soaked salt water, natural solvents, and other destructive synthetic concoctions be that as it may, there is zero consumption as result extra covering and outside covering are not required. concoctions -

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Reka Rings

We manufacture Reka rings sutable for Floatied, Vem, Horizontal winding pipes of Type-1 to Type-5

uPVC Pipes

This pipe is made of un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride (uPVC). It is a flexible plastic having a phenomenal blend of solidarity, concoction inactivity, and fine opposition, which gives ideal execution at extremely low and exceptionally high temperatures like under 0° to 50°.

Sealing Rings for RCC/PSC in hyderabad

RME/A/L/S - Type Sealing

We manufacture L-Type sealing for all types of uPVC pipes from 80mm Ø to 600mm Ø

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