Sealing Rings for RCC/PSC

We are a reputed manufacturer of a premium rage of Rubber O Rings, which have been manufactured as per highest ISI 5382/EN standards. These O Rings are used for RCC and PSC Pipes and are available in various standard and customized sizes. Our range of gaskets is manufactured in accordance with international standards which caters to the needs of various areas such as water supply, irrigation, drainage, power generation and rail transport. Our rubber rings are used for providing excellent sealing and for leakage prevention.The rubber rings manufactured are IS:5382 with EPDM, natural rubber and SBR.

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RCC Pipes

Rubber rings suitable for RCC pipes from 80mm Ø to 2200mm Ø as per IS 458 for NP1, NP2, NP3, NP4 , P1,P2 and P3 class pipes.

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Vertical Casting Pipes

Rubber rings suitable for vertical casting pipes from 300mm Ø to 2400mm Ø as per IS 458, NP3 and NP4 class

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PSC Pipes

Rubber rings suitable for all PSC manufacturing companies from 200mm Ø to 2600mm Ø

Micro Tunneling/Jacking Pipes

Micro tunneling is a kind of pipe jacking of small-sized non-man-entry pipes which are remotely controlled. Settlements occur in micro tunneling, in two forms: large settlements and systematic settlements. The cause of large settlements is the over-excavation by the micro tunneling machine leading to the loss of stability at the tunnel face and the formation of space above the tunnel. The occurrence of large settlements are attributed to the improper operation of the tunneling machine or rapid unexpected changes in ground conditions. Systematic settlements are mainly caused by the collapse of the radial overcut between the jacking pipe and the excavation.The annular space between the jacking funnel and the exhuming is fundamental in miniaturized scale burrowing and pipe jacking for the accompanying purposes:

(I) Reduction of jacking powers

(ii) Injection of the grease

(iii)Steering of the small scale burrowing exhausting machine

During burrowing, the dirts may crumple onto the pipe, bringing about subsidence at the ground surface. Systematic settlements can be constrained by restricting the spiral overcut and by filling the annulus with bentonite oil during burrowing, and with bond grout in the wake of burrowing is finished. Pipe jacking or micro tunneling includes the exhausting of passage for the proposed sewer/channel, by a burrowing shield from a dispatch shaft towards a gathering shaft. The shield is jacked forward steadily by pressure-driven jacks at the dispatch shaft. As the shield progresses, jacking channels are embedded behind the shield individually and the entire string is jacked forward. At the point when the burrowing shield arrives at the gathering shaft, it is expelled and the pipeline is finished. For the most part, the burrowing activity is completed outside the view and the familiarity with people in general. By and by, the dispatch shafts and the gathering shafts still should be unearthed and may should be in activity all through the burrowing activity.

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Jacking Pipes

High quality V-type, L-type and Muck ring from 150mm Ø to 2600mm Ø rubber sealings for Steal coller and GRP collers

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Stone ware

We manufacture ISI marked rubber sealing rings as per IS 5382/EN 681 with EPDM, Natural rubber and SBR. Stoneware gasket is used for sewerage in domestic and industrial area. It is for a low pressure pipeline where Industrial waste water, rain water, domestic waste water and public discharge water is drained out. Gasket materials complies with physical requirements specified in ASTM C 425-04 / EN 681-1 STD.

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Stone wear

We manufacture high quality stoneware gaskets from 150mm Ø to 350mm Ø

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